Saturday, June 6, 2009

Movie review...

Well we went to see UP today. I would have to say that it was a very good movie. and I have to agree with the critics that once again Pixar has put out a solid and entertaining movie.

Most entertaining part for me had to be the talking dogs.

One word..... Squirrel.... nuff said. :)

It was all five of us. Let's say that 3D glasses and a 5yo don't last long. A certain talker had to be nudged and elbowed several time for dialoging durring the movie, and as far as I know the other talker didn't have to many issues... but then again I had the 5yo and the 9yo to contend with.

So ten thumbs up from us.

-The Head Wench.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well the first herb harvest came in yesterday of cilantro and it was turned into pesto today. I followed it up by serving it on pene pasta with dinner tonight. I had the pleasant surprise of having two of my pickier eaters declaring that the pesto pasta was a complete winner and begging for more. :)

It was just one of those things where I had to try a recipe form the ladies over at little house in the suburbs. I highly recommend it. Good eats. ;) (seems that the site is having issues so I will post a link to the recipe as soon as things are running smoothly again.) edit: the cilantro pesto recipe

On the crafting front I am about half way done with my version of Interweave knits kalahari bag.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Prep

Alrighty so the hot weather is starting to show it's face. The move to the basement for the office is in the planning. It is so nice and cool down there that I am thrilled to have gotten a new sewingdesk/table from a family that we know. It is gently used and much bigger then my old one.... not to mention sturdier and doesn't lean more then the leaning tower of Pisa. The old one is out on the curb and I'm surprised that it didn't fall apart while I was moving it.

In the mean time I have been sitting on my hands so that I wouldn't type up a hell fire raising rant about irresponcible pet owners. All inspired by a kitty that is living in my garden again. I'll get into that story once things are finally resolved.

Until then we have a toad in the flower garden again. He appeared in the car port and with a little casing was caught in a empty water pitcher and moved back to behind the compost pile where the previous toads have just thought it was heaven. I'll put up pictures of him when I get them off the camera.

The man of the house played squirel whisperer as he took pictures of four squirels that decided he was great fun to play peek a boo with. I'll see if I can get copies of his pictures to put up. It was pretty cute watching him sitting under the tree and chittering at the squirrels.

On the bright side the first harvest from the garden has come through and it is about a pound ofsalad greens consisting of spinach, beet tops and rainbow swiss chard. It is on the menue for dinner tonight with the BBQ pulled pork and either cole slaw or potatoes.... posibbly both of the latter. ;)

Until next time,

-The Head Wench.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The gardens are taking off! I've been busy trying to mulch where I can. LOL

And I have to give a huge thank you to the new grounds keepers. The two new guys are awesome and don't try to run folks over with the huge riding lawn mowers. On top of that they will stop and say hi and talk things over. The one I talked to today was flabbergasted that we have had to do the trimming around the gardens and the swingset. I was told not to worry about it anymore, that they are getting paid to do it and that is what they will do. And they are so careful around my flowers!

I let them know that if they were out working and needed a drink that they should let me know. Heavens only knows that if they are looking out for us that we should look out for them in return. Many cheers for having some guys who do their job and then some.

As it stands I am putting my money on it being a hot and dry summer for us here. After the weird spring I just have a gut feeling about it. I kind of hope I am wrong.

Next week it is looking like I will be making my first batch on cilantro pesto. As all of my other herbs kind of putter along the cilantro has taken off. I'm curious as to how it will turn out.

Until then I am almost done with the knit part of a bag I am working on. I ned to go through my stash of fabric and decide what I want to use to line the inside of the bag as per the directions. I'll get some pictures up and soon as the knitting is done.

- H.W.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taking a stab


Basic set up done? Check.

Going to take a stab at this blogging gig.

The world gets to see how weird I am. OK I'm not really weird but I kinda broke the mold too. ;)

Things to come....

Knitting, sewing, art stuff (as I make things for my house), gardening, gluten free cooking, kids running amuck, possibly some homeschooling fun, and the usual fun stuff that comes with being the alpha female. :)

-The head Wench.