Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Prep

Alrighty so the hot weather is starting to show it's face. The move to the basement for the office is in the planning. It is so nice and cool down there that I am thrilled to have gotten a new sewingdesk/table from a family that we know. It is gently used and much bigger then my old one.... not to mention sturdier and doesn't lean more then the leaning tower of Pisa. The old one is out on the curb and I'm surprised that it didn't fall apart while I was moving it.

In the mean time I have been sitting on my hands so that I wouldn't type up a hell fire raising rant about irresponcible pet owners. All inspired by a kitty that is living in my garden again. I'll get into that story once things are finally resolved.

Until then we have a toad in the flower garden again. He appeared in the car port and with a little casing was caught in a empty water pitcher and moved back to behind the compost pile where the previous toads have just thought it was heaven. I'll put up pictures of him when I get them off the camera.

The man of the house played squirel whisperer as he took pictures of four squirels that decided he was great fun to play peek a boo with. I'll see if I can get copies of his pictures to put up. It was pretty cute watching him sitting under the tree and chittering at the squirrels.

On the bright side the first harvest from the garden has come through and it is about a pound ofsalad greens consisting of spinach, beet tops and rainbow swiss chard. It is on the menue for dinner tonight with the BBQ pulled pork and either cole slaw or potatoes.... posibbly both of the latter. ;)

Until next time,

-The Head Wench.

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