Monday, February 15, 2010

Muse has been located

In an odd way from death life has sprung up. While Being in Michigan I found my inspiration for my dress project.

The project is now going to be called the Louisa Jean dress. For my late grandparents Lou and Jean Compton.

My grandfather was a storyteller, in the original old fashioned sense. He loved to talk and tell stories. He also loved to live in the moment just observing and learning from things as they came about. He would store those experiences up to use later for stories to help illustrate points that would otherwise be difficult for someone, especially children, to completely understand.

My grandmother was very much the doer. She knew the schedules and routines to the day. She was very conscious of how she looked and dressed. She would not step out the door with out looking her best. Everything had a way to be done. She also loved formal learning.

In this dress project I am looking to draw from things I learned from Both my grandfather and grandmother. Jumping in, learning and doing is my tribute to my grandmother. The stories I look to incorporate into each piece is a tribute to my grandfather.

I have names for the first two pieces I will be working on. The 'what color is your cloud' chemise and the 'golden windows' corset. As I set to work on these I will try to tell the two stories that my grandfather was well known for telling. Both stories possibly go back to before my mother's time and were told to me and my brother.

Some how in all the tumult of emotions I have been feeling about this whole challenge I have found the calm I need in this light of inspiration. I look forward to learning of other stories my grand father told, and in learning of things that my grandmother did.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

too much too fast.

I should have posted yesterday but there has been a whole lot going on and my brain fried. Long story I've been trying to work out a game plan on the YWU challenge, a up coming family trip, this year's garden, and general daily life.
On top of that has been added the fact that my grandma is dieing and shortly there will be a trip to Michigan.
The funky weather hasn't helped any with it's taking time out of my day for all the snow moving. I'm praying my butt off when my husband drives in weather like this.

On the up side about a week ago B decided that she was ready and *really* wanted to get her ears pierced. We took care of that over the weekend and she is sporting her studs about.

I've figured out the cat's tummy issues from the looks of it and she is happier then all get out. I'm still thwarting the dog's desire to raid the trash. My oldest has started reading about George Washington. And, my littlest has started teaching herself to write her letters.

So all in all there has been a complete lack of dull moments around here.

The Head Wench

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sleepless two by fours....


Sore in IL

* listens to rocky and Bullwinkle music playing*

Needless to say no much is getting done under the circumstances.


Seriously if I am going to be making a bustle dress I need my sleep so I can plot my evil world domination via big butts.


Maybe tomorrow will start better.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

still looking

I think I have rounded up the last of the pictures.

This wedding dress has a nice cut. The details are beautiful as well.

This dark gray two piece has a lovely slender line to it.

Again my love of contrast shows in this black dress.

Another wedding dress with lovely details. Too bad the site isn't in English.

Finding this gray alpaca dress. No it isn't build for a freakishly shaped lady! :P
But, the fact that I didn't think the whole alpaca fiber had really started getting around until modern times did leave me with a whole new view on things. I has to be one *really* freaking warm dress!

And that bout rounds things out so far. I'm done looking for pictures and trying to iron out what I want in the dress. Need to decide just how many pieces I am going to do this in.

-The head Wench.

Monday, February 1, 2010

muse, oh, muse where fore art my muse?

A lovely site called Your Wardrobe Unlock'd is hosting a double period project. I could enter into both time periods (revolutionary/1770-1789 or natural form/1876-1882), but, at the moment I have chosen to only aim for one. I am kicking around ideas for the natural form portion of the challenge. I'm not sure which is pulling at me more. The sheer level of what I am going to be working at, between the fact that I don't quite fit into any of the skill levels (beginner/sewing for a year or less, experienced/sewing for five years or more and/or sewing as a business, and improving/lands somewhere between the two) though as far as I can tell the experienced level is where I fit best. I am finding this a bit intimidating. Ok more then a bit intimidating. Though a thought that keeps crossing my mind. If I can create costumes for my three kids and myself for Halloween in a month or less from start to finish (planning, collecting and creation) then why couldn't I in a years time complete a full outfit? This brings a sense of calmness to my mind. Until I start digging for pictures of a dress that I feel is my muse.

So far I have some nice pictures of dresses. One of them I really like more then the others. Problem is I can't look at the details. The site says you can use the zoom feature on the picture but it refuses to work for me. I'm just one of those who loves how a simple dress can be taken to a whole new level by the details.

So far the ones that have struck me as contenders at least to borrow details from are....

A beautiful red and white dated to 1875-1877. (also the one that the zoom feature won't work for me one! *argh*)

A pretty little bustled blue and black silk number.

A fancy tan. Not sure about the loads of lace, but, I do love the long jacket/coat and the general cut.

A simple but very elegant purple number. I like the simplicity of the cut combined with the way the details of pleats and ribbon dress it up.

A pretty arabesque. The use of color on this one really caught my eye.

A simple yet elegant green and tan. The lines and details really make this dress.

Dark brown and tapestry, really catches my eye for the cut and how the fairly simply dress is really made by the complete contrast of the jacket.

That is the list so far. I really need to narrow things down more. I will more then likely be cherry picking between them for my favorite parts. Until then I am still looking for my muse.

-The head Wench.

Grand Re Opening!

I know that I started this blog last year and then was tied up with life.

The kids and I have taken up the challenge to start a new habit every month. This starts today. They will be spending everyday establishing the habit of picking up their stuff in the living room before they do any computer/video game time, and I have this blog as mine. I don't think that the work in my craft area counts since that it part of a couple of much bigger projects. I am going to keep the posts for those separate from general chatter posts so labels will come into heavy use. But, I am looking forward to this. The things I want to do mean that I need to start getting out and about even if it is only on the internet. I accept this challenge and jump to meet it head first.

-The Head Wench.