Monday, February 15, 2010

Muse has been located

In an odd way from death life has sprung up. While Being in Michigan I found my inspiration for my dress project.

The project is now going to be called the Louisa Jean dress. For my late grandparents Lou and Jean Compton.

My grandfather was a storyteller, in the original old fashioned sense. He loved to talk and tell stories. He also loved to live in the moment just observing and learning from things as they came about. He would store those experiences up to use later for stories to help illustrate points that would otherwise be difficult for someone, especially children, to completely understand.

My grandmother was very much the doer. She knew the schedules and routines to the day. She was very conscious of how she looked and dressed. She would not step out the door with out looking her best. Everything had a way to be done. She also loved formal learning.

In this dress project I am looking to draw from things I learned from Both my grandfather and grandmother. Jumping in, learning and doing is my tribute to my grandmother. The stories I look to incorporate into each piece is a tribute to my grandfather.

I have names for the first two pieces I will be working on. The 'what color is your cloud' chemise and the 'golden windows' corset. As I set to work on these I will try to tell the two stories that my grandfather was well known for telling. Both stories possibly go back to before my mother's time and were told to me and my brother.

Some how in all the tumult of emotions I have been feeling about this whole challenge I have found the calm I need in this light of inspiration. I look forward to learning of other stories my grand father told, and in learning of things that my grandmother did.

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