Tuesday, February 9, 2010

too much too fast.

I should have posted yesterday but there has been a whole lot going on and my brain fried. Long story I've been trying to work out a game plan on the YWU challenge, a up coming family trip, this year's garden, and general daily life.
On top of that has been added the fact that my grandma is dieing and shortly there will be a trip to Michigan.
The funky weather hasn't helped any with it's taking time out of my day for all the snow moving. I'm praying my butt off when my husband drives in weather like this.

On the up side about a week ago B decided that she was ready and *really* wanted to get her ears pierced. We took care of that over the weekend and she is sporting her studs about.

I've figured out the cat's tummy issues from the looks of it and she is happier then all get out. I'm still thwarting the dog's desire to raid the trash. My oldest has started reading about George Washington. And, my littlest has started teaching herself to write her letters.

So all in all there has been a complete lack of dull moments around here.

The Head Wench

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