Monday, March 1, 2010

Insanity central

Things have just been nuts here since returning from my grandmother's funeral. Returned with a sick husband to M sick, B just starting to get the bug and a couple days in having H get sick. The microwave tried to set itself on fire, while I was getting dinner together. B got her first psoriasis flare up. The dog came home and ate chicken bones and was put on poop watch. Then there was H's god awful allergic reaction, that as we got it under control he was re exposed to the allergen so we quickly figured out what the allergen was.

And all of that happened in a two week span.

I seriously thought that I might get shipped off to a padded room.

So, any serious pondering on the Louisa Jean dress has been put on hold. Other then the occasional question of "when is it going to warm up enough that I can actually start sewing?"

I have been putting up pictures on facebook and ravelry. Better late then never. Now that we have found the camera I have yet to let it out of my sight! I figure I am going to need it quite a bit once the sewing gets underway so I'm getting my picture practice in now.

-The head wench

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