Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Two followers! Hi Megan and I'm pretty sure that's you Rob! *waves*

I fell off the band wagon hard core with all the things that hit at once when I fell off, not that I was doing all that well in the first place, and it is going to be hard for me to keep myself in check since it is officially spring and my flowers are waking up which means I need to prep the veggie garden.

In the mean time I picked up some very nice (old fashioned looking) lace for insert work at the fabric store over the weekend. I am going to use it on the chemise, which will be my first piece on the table. I have some white cotton muslin that I had originally picked up to make a version of this shirt as I thought it would work very well for every day steampunk wear. But, that can wait just a wee bit. I need to build things from the base up.

If all goes well I will be building a 'duct tape double' in order to piece things as I go with out having to pin them on myself. Luckily the kids will be at grandma's or it would get really interesting.

In the meantime I have a meatloaf calling me to feed the family.

The Head Wench.

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