Friday, April 30, 2010

Making up for lost time.

Against my better judgement, and basically due to being bored off of my butt, I am posting this even though I am medicated for yet another round of vertigo issues. (thank heavens for spell checker or this would look like how well my brain is working!)

I haven't posted in a month due to allergy/vertigo/illness/technical difficulties. I'm going to leave the explanation at about that. Otherwise this would turn into a whole string of blog posts and it just wouldn't be pretty.

In the mean time my being off and on meds has lead to some of my favorite rounds of 'enlightenment' for the costume project.

I have come to settle on what I want the chemise to look like. The 1876 Strawbridge and Clothier's quarterly had a blurb on different undergarments where I found my inspiration.

I like the design. The pro's to this design is the shaping at the waist (all the fewer wrinkle impressions to be left by the corset to go over it), and the relative simplicity of the design with the look of being more complex then it really is and the fact that even back in 1876 they weren't quite sure as to how the item should be classified. I like unusual designs that others aren't likely to have when it is paired with simple elegance. :)
The con's? I know of no pattern, period or modern, for this item. I am going to have to draft my own. I still suck at drafting so I am going to short cut it a little and get as close as I can drafting from existing pattern pieces I have from other garments in order to come up with the frame for what will be. So yeah in a way I will be drafting, I just won't be drafting from scratch.
I do have the fabric and lace though. :)

For how long it has taken me to write this much I think that I will write about the corset and petty coats tomorrow when I'm not distracted by more then the meds and vertigo making me spacey. Please pardon anything that doesn't seem quite right. I didn't feel like argueing with the spell checker and I think it was getting a couple of technical words wrong. Then again that could have just been me.

The head Wench

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