Saturday, May 8, 2010

pattern changes.

So I thought I had a mock up for the chemise (page 28 fig 7) I am trying to recreate. Looking at the top portion it looks to be a set of five panels that make up the main body of the chemise in the front. The confusing part, though, is if you look at the hem it looks to be three panels and not five. Now this could be a trick of folding, in which case it would have a pretty wide 'skirt' at the hem. From looking at pictures both artistic and photos of chemises I am leaning to the train of thought that the serious flare and generous circumference of hems is more to be found in petticoats and underskirts.

So the conundrum is....

Is this a three panel with a play on darts? OR Is this a five panel?

I might end up needing to revise things again later as I am making a bit of a leap in the assumption that in shaping and at least somewhat in cut the back is going to mirror the front in most ways. I might spend today seeing if I can mock up a three panel piece with dart like shaping in the upper part. As a reference my thoughts on shaping come from looking at corset covers like these. I think that the three panel idea would work by flipping the shaping from the 'middle' down to a 'middle' upward position.

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