Friday, June 25, 2010

First blocks of a quilt a long.

Well I am a little late but for the first week of the quilt a long at Amy's creative side, here are the first two blocks of the sampler quilt.

I am doing this particular quilt for my son. The fabric being used is from The man of the house's discarded work shirts. (discarded due to buttons that can no linger be replaced, laundry stains and other blemishes that leave the fabric is good shape but they are no longer fit for his wearing to work.) H is thrill with what he has seen so far, and is oddly thrilled (exceptionally so) with getting a quilt made from work shirts. Yes we are a weird bunch, each for our own reasons. ;)

-The head Wench.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well let's just say for starters that I have learned (via past posting with pictures) to put up the pictures first and then type. ;)

Today I have a bit of randomness I'm starting off with the new use for a clothes pin that I found. One basic wooden clothes pin carries just enough weight to keep yarn pulled just tight enough so that it doesn't cause problems while you work with a second color. On the hat in the picture below the stripes are two rows wide, aka just skinny enough that it would be a pain in the butt to break the colors off to start the next every color change.
Then as the rain was coming in I found this beauty in the car port. I do believe it to be a grapevine beetle. Via the wonderful site 'what's that bug' and their grapevine beetle pictures. This is the third year in a row that I have found at least one of these beauties in the yard. Sorry that there is nothing in the picture to show how big it was. Though it was between a inch and a half and two inches long.
And then of course there was H getting himself stuck when he should have been eating dinner. though personally i think of it more as an attention thing. ;)
Oddly enough he didn't notice the flash from the camera when I took the picture above but he sure did notice the flash from the camera when I took the picture below. And man did that motivate him to get 'unstuck'. ;)
And that is that for today.

The head Wench.

Friday, June 11, 2010


I am pretty speechless over this. A local new station did some digging around on a company that makes things for those who or on special diets. Namely they make things for those who can not eat wheat/gluten.

They were grinding the grains in a garage next to a snow plow, and if that wasn't enough they didn't even have running water to flush the toilet!

I don't even know how they have been open and hadn't been caught sooner. The FDA only shut down that location.....

I'm going to go and sew while I fume..... pray for my fingers and I'll get pictures up of what I've been busy with.

The head Wench.