Thursday, July 1, 2010

hurry up and wait....

Oh the frustration! There is nothing more frustrating (other then getting the run around by red tape) then having a list of things to do and being unable to do them.

exhibit A

Nothing broken but enough soft tissue damage that four days later (it happened on Sunday) My fingers are still taped for comfort.

exhibit B

This was the cause of the injury. Coupled with her seeing a squirrel before I did, that is.

Taped fingers on right hand (my dominant hand that is) leads to no knitting when I need to finish up for a local photographer *and* three weeks to go until I will be at a baby shower (!), no sewing no natter how much I could use a summer dress or really want to test my pattern drafting idea since I have mentally redesigned the chemise (yet again though i have it down to four panels now) and typing is a pain..... almost literally. I hadn't realized just how much I use my ring finders for in typing.....

-The head Wench

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