Friday, September 30, 2011

It could be worse...

So a week ago today I broke a toe.  Not the first time I have don'e so, by a long shot, and I doubt that it will be the last.  Add to it I have had to explain how I managed to do so while trying to bring pots (large very heavy pots) of plants in, and it not involving any of said pots falling or dropping in any way, to the gentleman of the house three times.  I need to pick my crafting and other projects back up.  And It is driving me nuts that I can't focus enough to do so.  The issues is that I am the type of person who needs to run through spurts of energy at different points int he day.  As anyone who has broken a toe or  bone below the, let's play it safe and say, knee there is no such thing as 'running' through any sort of physical energy for a good stint.  Previous experience says that I'm looking at two to three more weeks of taking it easy, also know as going blinking stir crazy, before I can start doing anything that might resemble a normal spurt.

So, there has been *LOTS* of blog reading with my wenchy knock off.

I have started to come up with some projects that I can do sitting still, like these wonderful book covers we saw on design*sponge.   Paper leather bound books and vintage style dust covers, you can't tell me that these aren't some smart looking and fairly simple dress ups for a book shelf.

I'm hoping that the possibility of meeting up with or local knitting wenches will get my fingers going again since I only have three projects on the needles.  It is a perfect project to keep the mind and hands busy when the feet can't be.  I just hate being in a funk, it drives me nuts.

So here is to thinking happy thoughts about some stitching and witching with local wenches.

-The head Wench.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday running

Yesterday the girls' and I found a good starter stick for our season tree.  It is the living room and partly decorated.
Now you will notice that the ghosts look like they have tags.  My wenchy knock off decided that there should be a ghost for each member of the family.  She put name tags on them and for Halloween has dubbed our season tree the "our dead family tree".  This morning it seems my 'ghost' had fallen off the tree over night and a certain young one started making 'I've fallen and can't get up' jokes.

This morning we went to the farmer's market.  A giant head of cabbage and a giant french pumpkin begged to come home with us.
Like I said, they are seriously big!  That is my littlest, Miss M, in the picture just to show size.  She is seven.  The head of cabbage is actually bigger around than her head.

I had to take part of the cabbage's head off to fit it into the veggie drawer.  What I cut off I have started an attempt at sauerkraut.  Hopefully it will ferment well.  The gentleman of the house and I love our sauerkraut.

The pumpkin has me a little stumped past making some pumpkin butter.  I would do pies and such if it wasn't for the lack of gluten free flour in the house.  I'll figure it all out.

-The head Wench.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The girl's and I made these pumpkins yesterday.  They were fun to put together.  I ran across the tutorial for them at Craftaholics anonymous.

Our original plan was to make a garland with them and some ghosts, bats, etc.

The plan has since changed slightly.  My wenchy knock off (older Dd) and I have seen some really neat ideas for seasonal 'trees'.  The one that really caught our eyes was the use of paper snowflakes on Jenn's from Frugal Upstate.

In the Mean time I have taken a page out of her DIY/upcycling book with using old bottles to keep my potted plants watered.  I'll post pickers once I have everything in place and the rest of my plants inside for the winter.  her is a link to her DIY plant watering globes.  I find it funny to think I am turning my plants into lushes... in true wench style.

Next step is having the gentleman of the house build some led grow lights for all my plants.  I've passed him this schematic.  And some pictures of a variation where they are more like a string of Christmas lights instead of a 'spike'.  I'm hoping for herbs to make it through the winter between the two potential improvements.

-The Head Wench.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


With the cool air of a approaching autumn and the internet working consistently again I thought that I would pop up and start writing again.

So in the immortal words of the hysterically awesome Monty Python's Holy grail...

"I'm not dead yet!"

Recently Urban threads posted a short list of iPod apps for crafters.  One of those links was craftgawker.  I would love to hug (as I don't think that a certain gentleman would approve of kissing) the person (or folks) responsible for that site.  If you are in need of crafting candy or inspiration go there now or get their (free) iPod app.

With the cool air I have candles and Halloween on the brain.

I love this weeks tutorial from Urban threads for a lace votive.

And a piece that I am working on..... with out a pattern.  *gulp*

This is version 1.4 I'm hoping with a bit of Frankensteining (when I run out of my current yarn) to make it big enough to use as a shawl.  It is flat knit from the center out without seams.  We will see how this goes.

-The head Wench.