Friday, September 23, 2011

The girl's and I made these pumpkins yesterday.  They were fun to put together.  I ran across the tutorial for them at Craftaholics anonymous.

Our original plan was to make a garland with them and some ghosts, bats, etc.

The plan has since changed slightly.  My wenchy knock off (older Dd) and I have seen some really neat ideas for seasonal 'trees'.  The one that really caught our eyes was the use of paper snowflakes on Jenn's from Frugal Upstate.

In the Mean time I have taken a page out of her DIY/upcycling book with using old bottles to keep my potted plants watered.  I'll post pickers once I have everything in place and the rest of my plants inside for the winter.  her is a link to her DIY plant watering globes.  I find it funny to think I am turning my plants into lushes... in true wench style.

Next step is having the gentleman of the house build some led grow lights for all my plants.  I've passed him this schematic.  And some pictures of a variation where they are more like a string of Christmas lights instead of a 'spike'.  I'm hoping for herbs to make it through the winter between the two potential improvements.

-The Head Wench.

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