Sunday, October 2, 2011

Actually getting a head start!

Every year, save one, I have made Halloween costumes for the kids.  After Halloween is over the kids get to add their costumes to the dress up bin and The gentleman of the house and I talk about how we need to get a better jump on the whole process the next year.  We won't talk about how as they get older the costumes get more complex.

Well this year fate seems to have smiled on us.  Yesterday after announcing on Google+ that it was the first of October and time to start on the costumes I found 'old' drapery panels at the garage sale next door.  $10 for the whole stack of them.

The striped curtain sections are about two and a half feet wide and almost five feet long.  The top panel that has two curtain curtains attached to it is about five feet long and about two feet wide.  This is a stack of four matching  sets with the curtain ties.  Bonus points that the curtain ties are the right size for the waist band for Miss M, my wenchy knock off.  
The black curtains are two separate pieces measuring int at about four feet wide and about six feet long.  No curtain ties with these two but a lot of nice fabric to work with. 

Thus far, Miss M has called dibs on the cream and black fabric from the top of the black drapes.  Miss B has laid claim claim to the black fabric.  Some of the fabric from the top portion of the striped curtains will most likely go to part of Miss B's costume and part to mine.  The striped fabric it seems the young ladies have decided should go to my costume which is fine by me.  I might not be able to take part in the double period project at Your warderobe unlock'd yet again but I am thrilled to be getting a steampunk ensemble for future use so it balances out in my book.  I can always try for next year's run.

The gentleman of the house is a bit sad to see this fabric turned into costumes but the combination of no curtain rods in the house to put them on and the fact that this sure beats our usual runs to the fabric store for the cheapest broadcloth that we can find at this time of year means that even he admits the costumes will last longer for the girls to play with.  The way I see it when they out grow the dresses and bustles they want for this year's costumes I can pass them down to my niece a budding little miss K.  That last thought brings much joy to my heart.  Passing on the joy of play and imagination with pieces that will last.

-The head Wench.

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