Monday, October 3, 2011

A little of this, a little of that.

Last night I decided to try and take the drapery panels apart, to run the raw edges through the surger, before washing them.  Some of them were already coming apart at the seams.

Not a big deals right?  Just park my rear in a seat and have at it.

I really wish it had been so simple.  The drapes are a little sweet smelling so I  don't know if they were washed in a perfumed soap, or they could have possibly been sprayed with a Febreeze like spray before being put out to sale.  Certain perfumes and I don't play well together.  Pretty sure that there was at least one allergen, be it dust, smoke, or some other breathable that doesn't play well with me either.  I cranked through taking apart one of the striped double panels and one of the large black panels.  Then my hands started itching, one of them is still itching today. We won't talk about the unholy hoard my sinuses became...... and still are still rampaging...

It's not pretty.

I cranked the pieces I had taken apart through the surger this morning.  They are in the next in line for the washer and dryer.

In the mean time I give you a cat.  And it should have been my first sign that there would be issues when she claimed the fabric for a bed as soon as it came in the house.  She never gets that interested in things that won't cause me problems.

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