Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mad genius!

The weekend was a blur and in said blur I forgot to abscond with a certain gentleman's camera.  I will have to make up for lost time tonight I think.

Though in the blur I did get a chance to sit down and poke around at a a name I have run into a couple of times at foundationsrevealed.com, to read most of the articles at the site you will need a membership.  It is well worth it if you are into any form of costuming or sewing for yourself.  The sister site yourwardrobeunlockd.com is equally worth it.

Emile Savoye was, in my opinion, a mad genius!  Two of his corset patents/patterns have been written about at Foundations Revealed along with information about taking them from paper concept to working corset.  (I won't get into the rumored evils of corsets right now as I think that is best saved for a separate post.)

I will however expand on why I think that Mr Savoye was a mad genius.

There are three patents that I have seen.  The first is dated from 1903, it also has a article that touches on some of his other patent work at FR.
The second is dated from 1905, and also has a article on FR.
The third is dated from 1907, and has a cameo in the first article.

I have fallen in love with the 1903 and 1907 corset designs that are open for everyone to look at.

Emile Savoye obviously knew how to think outside the normal rules of straight lines.  As we all know, no two ladies have the exact same figure or curves.  From my poking around those who have gotten past the immense complexity you first see when looking at one of Savoye's patterns have found a insanely simple and easily adjustable design.

Long story short Savoye's designs hit me where I love it the most.  Walking outside the norm, thumbing your nose at doing things the way that everyone else does.  He was doing what he seems to do best.  He was being original.

-The head Wench.

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