Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sad news, progress, and teasing

The children and I were very sad to find out yesterday, after I posted about the Redwall amigurumi, that the author of the series Brian Jacques had passed away in February of this year.

I will admit that Miss B and I cried briefly over the news.  In the close to four years that we have been reading the books I have heard nothing but good things about Brian Jacques.  His passing on touches many people.

Once we finish the current stack of books to read at bedtime, the kids and I have agreed that we should read through the Redwall books we have so far.  When I get a chance I will be picking up the three we don't have to add to our library.

On a lighter note I just finished slamming out Miss M's skirt and part of her bustle for her Halloween costume.  I'll finish wailing on it tomorrow and put up pictures tomorrow as well.  The gentleman of the house will be home and I will have access to his camera for such mischief.

Until then I am working on knitting the birthday presents for my wonderful niece little Miss K.  I'm getting my knitting fix for her in now as I have some sewing plans for her Christmas presents.

I figure I want to keep some semblance of surprise, horribly mysterious as I am, but that doesn't mean I can't show progress.  Once the gifts have been given I'll put pictures of the finished objects.

-The head Wench

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