Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Coming off the Halloween frenzy and starting the Christmas knitting.  I'm hoping to avoid the Christmas frenzy this year.  I hate the post *insert holiday name here* crafting burn out.  If I had posted yesterday about the best you would have gotten out of me would have been shambling and zombie sounds.

I was going to sew some of the Christmas gifts.  Problem is that half way through the Halloween costume sewing my sewing machine up and died.  I don't know if I will be able to get it into the shop to find out if it can be fixed before Christmas, so, I am working up a plan B.  If all goes well my starting the Christmas knitting a month earlier then any other year will put me in a good position.  I am starting with the most repetitive items that I just happen to have the yarn on hand for.

The day before Halloween I got to give my wonderful niece little Miss K her birthday present.   I forgot to take pictures of what I managed to get together for her.  The rest will be added to the Christmas gift.  I will be asking my sister in law for a picture or two

In the meantime I am going to shamble off with my fried brain and head cold combo.

-The head Wench.

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