Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Of flubs and owls.

As promised last time first up is my latest flub.  Having killed the longest of my circular cables (that was on it's last leg as it was) while trying to finish up some late Christmas knitting, I was in a bit of  a bind with a lace weight shawl I had started for myself.  It was all rolling along smoothly, with plenty of space to spare on the needles, until I hit the edging.  That is what you see jam packed on my one, in fact the shortest of my cables, circular needle.  Luckily I should have the new and much longer cables here by Saturday if the package tracking is correct.

Honestly, when a pattern says that there will be a butt load of stitches involved take it as a possible understatement.

I am really looking forward to getting this off the needles and into the blocking stage.  For a couple of reasons.  The first being that there will be no work getting done in the room that I end up blocking this piece in for about 24-48 hours!  (I'm terrible, but it has been nuts here so having one less thing on my list for that time would be a god send right now. *wink*)  Second I enjoy a challenge and finding unconventional answers when I don't have the normal items I would need on hand.  My understanding is that this is going to be the biggest shawl I have blocked yet.  With the blocking supplies I have at this time I didn't have the ability to block what is currently my biggest shawl the 'normal' way.  Pinning it out didn't happen with that one and I'm not holding my breath on it happening with this one if it is the same size or bigger.  Luckily I have plenty of blocking wires and nice long lengths of scrap acrylic yarn to make a room look like a technicolor spider on crack has gone postal in order to shape this shawl.  It worked last time.  I doubt that it wouldn't work this time.  

I have a fun side project that I am working out the details on.  I know that instead of it being knit top down like every other pattern I have seen that it will be knit bottom up.  It lets me work some of my sock knitting knowledge into yet another project.  Knitting it in the round is a given, no way I would change that.  I have pretty much figured out what stitch pattern I will be using for an area that needs to be tighter then the rest with out loosing the stitch count. (see the double owls v1.0 below) And I am looking forward to the challenge of finally writing a pattern down. It really needed to happen sooner rather than later.  Now I just need to decide on the edge treatment for the top.

Big O little o what begins with O?  This is a slightly modified cable pattern from my big book of cables.  Currently I am calling it Double Owls.  If you look close it looks like a big owl cuddling a little owl.  :)

Originally it was a toss up between this basket weave style cable pattern and what became the double owls. When it comes to baby items, I'll go with cute cuddly owls.

-The head Wench.

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