Sunday, February 26, 2012

The insanity of moving.....

Also known as 'Help I'm loosing brain cells!'

I will confess.  I.  Hate.  Moving.

Seriously end of story.

Only right now the family is facing one of the biggest moves and changes in any of our lives.  Out I think the Gentleman of the house gets a pass since when he was a teen he and his family moved from Arizona to Illinois.  That is a big change.  Though he wasn't in charge of it, he was along for the ride in a sense.

I have to admit to never living more then an hour away from the city I was raised in.  Ever.

I've visited a hand full of other states and had the pleasure of seeing the Atlantic ocean once.

Now we are five weeks away from moving from Illinois to California.  This is a huge thing.  Just trying to research and make heads or tails of various laws there has been a bit of an eye opener.  (Gerbils are on the prohibited list, luckily we don't own one...)

It kind of hurts that I have only had the spare brain cells to work on a pattern with a one row repeat.

My Faucett scarf is light enough that it won't be obsolete in California, and it would be a *very* light if not mostly decorative scarf in a normal Illinois winter.  It is honestly a super easy one row repeat.

The pattern I was trying to write is on hold until the drive to California, due to the sheer lack of free grey matter on my part right now.  I think it says something that I was two balls of yarn into it before I realized I was using needles that were two sizes two small.

Posting will be touch and go for now.  My intent is to get a post up at least once a week, maybe two, though we will see what happens.

-The head Wench.

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  1. youll be fine! be brave and enjoy the ride! -hahna