Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's the little things...

It is those little things that everyone holds dear.  It is those little things that bring joys and smiles to a child's face.  Today I had the pleasure of doing a small repair job I had been wracking my brain to find an answer to.  It brought a huge smile to Miss B's face when I surprised her with the result.

As you can see in the picture below the pin of her fan had not only broken but had managed to be horribly bent in more then one place.  This had happened before she bought it and lay hidden until after she had paid for it.  Enter one unhappy child who I reassured I would find a way to fix the broken item.  I told myself that there had to be a way to not only fix it, but, to make it better then when she had bought it.

The one end of the pin (left side in the picture) had been connected to the ring that the tassel was tied to.  That was all that had been holding the whole thing together.  Also as a note the 'ring' the tassel was tied to was flat and the cut edges hadn't been smoothed at all.  The edge of the tassel where it had been tied to the 'ring' was a little worse for wear, though still working.  It will last a lot longer on it's new ring.

I started with a piece of 18 gauge (maybe 20 gauge?) I had left over from Christmas crafting.  It is just a hair smaller then the size of the holes though the pieces of the fan, but, not so small that everything wobbles about.  I folded it at both ends for a test run on the fit.  It worked like a charm so I started to work on making a loop of one end and folding the other end so I wouldn't have to worry about edges catching on everything or the whole thing coming loose.

Once everything was set I tied the tassel onto it's new ring.

The slightly frayed edge of the cord is ever so very slightly visible.  Luckily with no more rough edges to rub against the cord will last a lot longer.

Not the pretties of wire work that I have done.  But, taking into consideration the tight area and odd angles I was working with, while wishing that I had a extra pair of hands, I think it turned out alright.

It's smooth and flat to keep anything pointy from snagging clothes or any other fabric.

And the final working product.  I should have tried to catch a picture of the huge smile Miss B had when I called her down to my work area to surprise her with this.  She has been waiting quite a while for me to figure this problem out and inspiration had hit while I was cleaning my craft area.  I wisely hit the iron while it was hot.  I can catch up on craft area cleaning tomorrow.  The very happy Miss B was so very worth the lost time.

-The head Wench

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