Monday, February 6, 2012

Second whitest day this winter!

Camera issue has been fixed!  I can properly blog again!  Now if life would just let me catch my breath.

Until then lovely pictures from my yard after waking up to the beautiful to look (and not so much to drive in) effects of a freezing fog.

Fuzzy frost on my butterfly bush.

A lovely display on some cat tails (at least that is what we call them) by the front garden.

A nice foggy view across the shared backyard.

Fuzzy raspberry cane.

I really liked how this shot of the frost on the mulberry tree turned out.

Some super fuzzy morning glory vines on the back garden fence.

Then of course as I was getting ready to go in a red bellied (not a clue why it has that name since the belly isn't red at all!) wood pecker flew into the tree int he back yarn raising Cain!

So I decided to test the new photography toy's limits and oblige the wood pecker with some pictures.  Not too bad for a tablet.  *wink*

For some better pictures and more information about my bossy visitor I would suggest you look over here,

Tomorrow I'll show off my latest flub.  Over stuffing a circular needle.  Which means I get to start testing stitch patterns for a baby sleep sack pattern I need to write.  

-The head Wench.

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