Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More stitching

Here are pictures of the pieces that I am planning on only stitching.  No cheating.  *wink*  All three are again from  I have started the upper left one 'fancy a cuppa' and aim to frame it for hanging in or near my kitchen.  I think steampunk bacon cat will go in the front room that I have dubber the reading room as that is where we have designated as book storage as we gather more book shelves for the massive amount of books each person in the house is collecting.  I'm not sure what I am going to do with the one on the right just yet.

My crafting is slowing right now due to the sheer stress of trying to sleep with the antics of the neighbors and the girls being sick let alone trying to figure out what the new food allergy is that the Gentleman in training now has.  Only time will tell what is going on there.

Long story short trying to craft with out all of your faculties working properly never ends well.  I did get a little progress in today on my tea themed embroidery.  Tonight I will start on my next shawl.  Hopefully I can figure out a place to block and photograph my unconventional ostrich shawl soon.  It looks pretty.

Until then may the sleep fairies visit us all,
-The head Wench.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Here is a quick peek at the colored and ready to stitch pieces that I am working on for Miss B's and Miss M's room.   They really like the colored and outlined look. 

The pieces are (from left to right) sleeping beauty (lower left), Rapunzel (upper left) and the little mermaid.

Things are nuts with my two Miss's fighting colds and my young gentleman fighting a allergic reaction to something.  We are trying to work out just what the trigger is this time.  Neighbors are still loud, though moderated a bit.  And I've just been feeling run down.

-The head Wench.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Worn out

After th visit of the Gentleman's brother, where we were busier then I had expected and had a ton of fun while we were at it, we had new people move in behind us.

In short we went from not sleeping much due to wanting to get as much time in with our awesome relation to nt sleeping much due to the new neighbor literally blasting their television at all hours of the night.  (I am seriously hoping that this morning's round of blasted kid's shows at 7am was a one time thing)

Needless to say both of those things have kept me from getting in here to post.  I have tons of pictures stacking up and screaming at me to show them off.  Between the yarn, the trip to the tar pits and my burst of embroidery...  I have a serious back log!  I am hoping to start getting caught up as soon as possible.  I just don't trust myself right this second to either not throw the computer through a window due to the round about way to get pictures on the blog or to not start swearing up a blue streak about the last four days with the new neighbors.

Please cross your fingers that a good night's sleep visits the Gentleman of the house and myself, otherwise it might start getting ugly.

-The head Wench

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scattered and distracted

It has been a busy week preparing for the visit of the Gentleman of the house's brother. (He'll be here is a couple of hours if the flights are kind to him.)  Add to that Father's day is on Sunday.  Between the cleaning and crafting with the kids I have been slow to take pictures.

The party starts tomorrow with the day off for my Gentleman, and pleasant company of his brother who is staying with us for several days.  Saturday we will also have a couple other relatives here to visit!  We are so excited, the kids started bouncing about over it all yesterday.

Yarn pictures will start tomorrow now that my mind can relax.  Tonight I have the promised picture of the giveaway yarn that is going into a little shawl for me.

The evenings cool off quite a bit so my shawls that would normally be packed away by now if we were still in Illinois are getting put to good use.

Sunday I will start putting up embroidery photos since joint issues are causing me to take things slower with my knitting.

-The head Wench.

Monday, June 11, 2012


OK as it stands the only running computer at the moment is the kids computer.  Four people trying to hammer out their own time on said computer doesn't work very well between school and fun to be had on it.

So I am testing out how writing from the tablet works.  I have been using it for many other things like meal planning and the web browsing that entails.  I can't imagine that writing blog posts from the tablet in the  relative peace and quiet of my room can be all that hard.  

Seems life has conspired to make it so that there is no easy way to do this from the tablet.  After four days of wrestling with the issue it will be night time posting for me until either the parental computer is up an running or the feud between the tablet and blogger is settled.

Recent news is that of all the giveaways, that hosted for their big giveaway day they do towards the end of May, I came out with a big box of yarn from the wonderful super friendly Meghann at the blog everyday miracles.  If picture posting runs with out a hitch today I will start posting pictures of the lovely stash she sent my way.  I started a shawl last night with the ball of Lion Brand sock-ease (in the rock candy colorway).  I have dubbed it the unconventional ostrich as it is being knit bottom up in a ostrich lace pattern I love.  With the grays, browns, and yellow it kind of looks like a ostrich who thinks they are a canary.  I get a giggle (or five) from the mental picture.

In the mean time I will leave you with a picture of two things from my new yard.

The first flower on the smallest of the banana trees in the yard.

The second is something I have dubbed Sarlacc's second cousin.  (the critter in the middle of the dessert that Jabba the Hut feeds people to.)  I'm waiting for the tentacles to show up.  Though that commentary causes a mountain of laughter from the gentleman in training.  He is such a scifi geek.

-The head Wench.