Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More stitching

Here are pictures of the pieces that I am planning on only stitching.  No cheating.  *wink*  All three are again from  I have started the upper left one 'fancy a cuppa' and aim to frame it for hanging in or near my kitchen.  I think steampunk bacon cat will go in the front room that I have dubber the reading room as that is where we have designated as book storage as we gather more book shelves for the massive amount of books each person in the house is collecting.  I'm not sure what I am going to do with the one on the right just yet.

My crafting is slowing right now due to the sheer stress of trying to sleep with the antics of the neighbors and the girls being sick let alone trying to figure out what the new food allergy is that the Gentleman in training now has.  Only time will tell what is going on there.

Long story short trying to craft with out all of your faculties working properly never ends well.  I did get a little progress in today on my tea themed embroidery.  Tonight I will start on my next shawl.  Hopefully I can figure out a place to block and photograph my unconventional ostrich shawl soon.  It looks pretty.

Until then may the sleep fairies visit us all,
-The head Wench.

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