Monday, June 25, 2012


Here is a quick peek at the colored and ready to stitch pieces that I am working on for Miss B's and Miss M's room.   They really like the colored and outlined look. 

The pieces are (from left to right) sleeping beauty (lower left), Rapunzel (upper left) and the little mermaid.

Things are nuts with my two Miss's fighting colds and my young gentleman fighting a allergic reaction to something.  We are trying to work out just what the trigger is this time.  Neighbors are still loud, though moderated a bit.  And I've just been feeling run down.

-The head Wench.


  1. Wow!! you're really talented!
    I love that little mermaid one !

  2. Thank you! I'm hoping to get a picture of the finished little mermaid (sans frame) up at the beginning of next week. I also have a finished sleeping beauty to take fresh pictures of.