Monday, June 11, 2012


OK as it stands the only running computer at the moment is the kids computer.  Four people trying to hammer out their own time on said computer doesn't work very well between school and fun to be had on it.

So I am testing out how writing from the tablet works.  I have been using it for many other things like meal planning and the web browsing that entails.  I can't imagine that writing blog posts from the tablet in the  relative peace and quiet of my room can be all that hard.  

Seems life has conspired to make it so that there is no easy way to do this from the tablet.  After four days of wrestling with the issue it will be night time posting for me until either the parental computer is up an running or the feud between the tablet and blogger is settled.

Recent news is that of all the giveaways, that hosted for their big giveaway day they do towards the end of May, I came out with a big box of yarn from the wonderful super friendly Meghann at the blog everyday miracles.  If picture posting runs with out a hitch today I will start posting pictures of the lovely stash she sent my way.  I started a shawl last night with the ball of Lion Brand sock-ease (in the rock candy colorway).  I have dubbed it the unconventional ostrich as it is being knit bottom up in a ostrich lace pattern I love.  With the grays, browns, and yellow it kind of looks like a ostrich who thinks they are a canary.  I get a giggle (or five) from the mental picture.

In the mean time I will leave you with a picture of two things from my new yard.

The first flower on the smallest of the banana trees in the yard.

The second is something I have dubbed Sarlacc's second cousin.  (the critter in the middle of the dessert that Jabba the Hut feeds people to.)  I'm waiting for the tentacles to show up.  Though that commentary causes a mountain of laughter from the gentleman in training.  He is such a scifi geek.

-The head Wench.

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