Thursday, June 21, 2012

Worn out

After th visit of the Gentleman's brother, where we were busier then I had expected and had a ton of fun while we were at it, we had new people move in behind us.

In short we went from not sleeping much due to wanting to get as much time in with our awesome relation to nt sleeping much due to the new neighbor literally blasting their television at all hours of the night.  (I am seriously hoping that this morning's round of blasted kid's shows at 7am was a one time thing)

Needless to say both of those things have kept me from getting in here to post.  I have tons of pictures stacking up and screaming at me to show them off.  Between the yarn, the trip to the tar pits and my burst of embroidery...  I have a serious back log!  I am hoping to start getting caught up as soon as possible.  I just don't trust myself right this second to either not throw the computer through a window due to the round about way to get pictures on the blog or to not start swearing up a blue streak about the last four days with the new neighbors.

Please cross your fingers that a good night's sleep visits the Gentleman of the house and myself, otherwise it might start getting ugly.

-The head Wench

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