Sunday, July 1, 2012

Belated father's day post

Running a little late on this one....

This is what I gave the Gentleman of the house for father's day.  He even took one to work, though I haven't looked to see which one.  He was tickled though. 

We are on a smoothie kick in the house.  Two of the kids are already sick of them.  Three of us are still running strong.  Personally I am drinking at least one a day.  If I have more then one I like to switch things up and make a green smoothie for my lunch.  It is one of the best things when the weather is hot.  Though I have to say that the weather isn't anywhere near as hot here in SoCal as it is in central Illinois where our families are.  With the drought that has hit there it is looking to be a quiet 4th of July, what with the no burn order.  I hate that kind of heat and the kids don't deal with it well, but, I feel so bad for the folks back home.

In the mean time the adult computer might be getting set up, and in the kitchen of all places.  I got frustrated with the tablet and some loading issues while trying to pull up a recipe for dinner and a little less then half jokingly asked the Gentleman if we could set it up at the breakfast bar area.  Only thing missing would be a semi comfy 'bar' stool or some such chair.

In the mean time I am planning presents for our 13th anniversary (in a week), a baby shower (in a little over two weeks), a birthday (in a little over a month), and Christmas (in that order).  So I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!  *wink*

-The head Wench

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