Tuesday, July 3, 2012

belated father's day pt2

We had the Gentleman of the house's brother visiting over father's day weekend.  This is the present I made him since he is a father as well and I'm sure he was missing his little one who was away on a trip with momma.

The kids each picked the colors of the gnomes they wanted to represent them.  Left is little Miss M's, middle is Mr. H's, and the right is Miss B's.  It was nice to bring a smile to a relative's face and a new running joke to the family.

Tomorrow I will take updated pictures of finished (other then needing frames) projects and the new ones that have been lined up.  For anything that will be a present I will put up teaser pictures until after the present has been given.  That way nothing is accidentally leaked.

-The head Wench.

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